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Do have an audition for a musical and
have to learn a song

Send me your music (by e-mail or fax) and I
will record the song and send it back to you as
an mp3 file to play on your computer, your
iPod, or your mp3 player.  Once the file is on
your computer you can even burn a cd..
It's fast~ usually within 24 hours
It's convenient~ no making appointments with
It's easy~ pay with PayPal or credit card
It's cheap~ only $20 per song
This is what you do.

Fax me your music to 917-386-2565   OR

E-mail me your music at
 rmeffe@aol.com  (a pdf file works great!).

Then click the "Buy Now" button.                                 It's only $20 a song!

After I have received your music and confirmation of payment, you will have a recording of
your song sent to your e-mail address usually within 24 hours.

Make sure your e-mail address and your phone number is on your music so I can reach you if
I have any questions.

100% money back guarantee

If you don't like it, if it doesn't work for you, let me know~ I will refund your money ASAP.n